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2023-12-01 Climatelinks Linking Humanitarian Assistance and Climate: Resources from
2023-12-01 CRN Cloud Blockbuster: Insight Buys Google Cloud Superstar SADA
2023-12-01 Climatelinks Linking Resilience and Climate: Resources from ResilienceLinks and Climatelinks
2023-12-01 Amnesty International ISRAEL/OPT:  Urgent need for a Sustained Ceasefire to End Civilian Bloodshed and Mass Suffering as Fighting Resumes
2023-12-01 Independent King Charles: We are headed for dangerous, uncharted territory (No, he's not talking about you, Harry)
2023-12-01 Charles Darwin Foundation Scientists used high-resolution mapping technologies to find new hydrothermal vents and discover at least 15 unknown species in the Galapagos Marine Reserve.
2023-12-01 International Association of Privacy Professionals Meta challenges FTC proposal that would reopen 2019 consent agreement
2023-12-01 International Association of Privacy Professionals Martin Abrams: A look back at a career in information privacy and consumer policy
2023-12-01 International Association of Privacy Professionals Outlining the critical components of a modern data protection tech stack
2023-12-01 International Association of Privacy Professionals EU groups reach agreement on connected products law
2023-12-01 International Association of Privacy Professionals A view from DC: Is protecting kids worth the tradeoffs?
2023-12-01 International Association of Privacy Professionals A view from Brussels: Anticipated implementation challenges following Data Act's adoption
2023-12-01 Nature Climate change is also a health crisis - these 3 graphics explain why
2023-12-01 NASA Part 1: Artificial Intelligence and NASA's First Robotic Lunar Rover - Artemis
2023-12-01 CBS News It's been a brutal year for homebuyers. Here's what experts predict for 2024, from mortgage rates to prices.
2023-12-01 Center for Strategic & International Studies One Anniversary, Two Declarations: The UDHR and the Inter-American Human Rights System
2023-12-01 The New Yorker How Moral Can A.I. Really Be?
2023-12-01 NBC News Teen sues American Airlines after finding an iPhone recording her while using the restroom
2023-12-01 Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Top 10 things to do at Wakehurst this winter
2023-12-01 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations COP28: Director-General QU Dongyu launches new FAO report on loss and damage highlighting need for innovative solutions
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