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2023-12-01 Independent King Charles: We are headed for dangerous, uncharted territory (No, he's not talking about you, Harry)
2023-12-01 NBC News Sandra Day O'Connor, the first female Supreme Court justice, dead at 93
2023-12-01 UNEP UN's global methane tracking system set to translate data revolution into climate action
2023-12-01 Human Rights Law Centre Reforms to national security laws to protect open justice within reach
2023-11-28 ActionAid ActionAid's Five Climate Justice Benchmarks for COP28
2023-11-27 International Service for Human Rights Making human rights a reality, together: Support ISHR!
2023-11-27 Independent Artist evokes Sycamore Gap emotion after 50 creatives join Darwin Oak protest
2023-11-27 Independent More than 100 arrested as climate protest shuts down world's largest coal port
2023-11-27 Water Online Biden-Harris Administration Announces 2B To Fund Environmental And Climate Justice Community Change Grants As Part Of Investing In America Agenda
2023-11-22 Southern Poverty Law Center Supreme Court ruling affirms transgender immigrant's identity
2023-11-21 Human Rights Law Centre Declaration calls for governments to protect protest
2023-11-17 The Climate Justice Shot Heard 'Round the World: No New Private Jet Infrastructure
2023-11-16 International Association of Privacy Professionals EU Court of Justice says lower court must review data complaint
2023-11-16 International Association of Privacy Professionals Reynders announces European Commission's latest international data transfer plans
2023-11-16 CBS News Russian artist sentenced to 7 years for antiwar protest at supermarket: Is this really what people are being imprisoned for now?
2023-11-16 Global Witness The Saweto trials cannot lead to another missed opportunity for justice in the murder of four Peruvian Indigenous leaders
2023-11-15 International Association of Privacy Professionals After unexpected roadblock, AI Act negotiations move forward under pressure
2023-11-15 Open Society Justice Initiative French Judges Seek Arrest of Syria's Al-Assad
2023-11-14 International Association of Privacy Professionals CJEU rules individuals have right to free copy of their personal data
2023-11-14 Independent German branch of 'Fridays for Future' distances itself from Greta Thunberg over Israel remarks
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