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2024-04-24 New Scientist Exquisite fossils of Cretaceous shark solve mystery of how it hunted
2024-04-24 Chemistry World Mystery of discrepancies in speed of sound in water cleared up by study of ions
2024-04-24 Yahoo Utah leaders gearing up to fight new BLM conservation rule in the courts and Congress
2024-04-23 HPC CERN's Edge AI Data Analysis Techniques Used to Detect Marine Plastic Pollution
2024-04-24 The Christian Science Monitor Congress moves on Ukraine aid. Doubts about US leadership persist.
2024-04-23 Associated Press China clamps down in hidden hunt for coronavirus origins
2024-04-23 Live Science Ancient, 30-foot ancestor of great white shark unearthed in Mexico quarry
2024-04-24 Popular Science Bioluminescence may have evolved 300 million years earlier than scientists previously thought
2024-04-23 Live Science Animals started glowing in the dark nearly 300 million years earlier than we thought
2024-04-24 Yahoo SpaceX launch marks 300th successful booster landing
2024-04-24 NASA Solar Sail CubeSat Has Deployed - Small Satellite Missions
2024-04-24 UPI SpaceX sends 23 Starlink satellites into low-Earth orbit
2024-04-23 Daily Breeze Reunited and it feels so good: Voyager 1 is talking sense again
2024-04-23 The Journal Mancos science students walk away with multiple awards at state science fair
2024-04-23 TNW World-first satellites for commercial science set for launch in 2025
2024-04-23 NASA We Have Liftoff! - Small Satellite Missions
2024-04-23 Yahoo Former NASA engineer claims he invented a ground-breaking thruster that doesn't need fuel
2024-04-23 ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture Inflation Reduction Act Funding for Climate-Smart Agriculture in Rhode Island
2024-04-23 PCWA Asks Raw Water Customers for Voluntary Conservation Due to PG&E Water Delivery Problem
2024-04-23 Nature Biodiversity of carbapenem-resistant bacteria in clinical samples from the Southwest ...
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