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2023-02-08 Hartford Courant Hartford Land Bank slated to repurpose three properties into urban farms to help curb hunger and alleviate food deserts in the city
2023-02-08 Houston Chronicle 80 percent of Texans now support raising age to buy assault rifles
2023-02-08 IFLScience Major Breakthrough Paves The Way For Powerful Quantum Computers Today
2023-02-08 Space Daily Faster, more accurate 3D modelling recreates a landscape's digital twin down to the pixel
2023-02-08 Washington Post We may be storing carbon in concrete someday
2023-02-08 Bloomberg Law First-in-US Green Concrete Tax Break Offered as Model for States
2023-02-08 ThePrint “Let's finish the job, ban assault weapons again…”US President Joe Biden on mass shootings
2023-02-08 Mining Weekly Australia rejects major coal mine over environmental concerns
2023-02-08 MSN News Australia rejects a coal mine near Great Barrier Reef due to risk of 'irreversible damage'
2023-02-08 BBC Australia blocks coal mine to protect Great Barrier Reef
2023-02-08 CBS News Gov. Walz signs “100 Percent by 2040” energy bill into law
2023-02-08 CBS News Microsoft revamps search engine with AI technology
2023-02-08 Tech Times Switzerland Deploys Massive Solar Dam with 5,000 Solar Panels
2023-02-08 Renew Economy Australian solar giants win “Nobel for engineering” for efficiency breakthroughs
2023-02-08 Tech Times Europe's Longest and Highest Dam is Now Covered With Solar Panels
2023-02-08 KIRO 7 Washington wetlands are renamed to honor Black, Indigenous history
2023-02-08 Renew Economy Australian researchers hit solar stretch goal with tandem cell breakthrough
2023-02-07 Top Generative AI Companies in 2023
2023-02-07 Policy Options How gleaning food addresses greenhouse gas emissions and food insecurity
2023-02-07 Innovation Forum Collaboration to drive progress on farmer-focused food resilience
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