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2024-07-22 AZoCleantech Dataset Reveals China's Energy Consumption Patterns and Growth Potential
2024-07-22 Tech Xplore Less is more: Efficient hydrogen production with less precious metals
2024-07-22 Earth and Space Science News Introducing the New Editor-in-Chief of the ESS Open Archive
2024-07-22 Science Business Eindhoven University of Technology - Opening of the Academic Year
2024-07-22 Science News A planet needs to start with a lot of water to become like Earth
2024-07-22 ZME Science This air taxi flew 523 miles on liquid hydrogen with no emissions
2024-07-22 ZME Science White Roofs vs. Green Roofs: Which Keeps Your City Cooler?
2024-07-22 Physics World Fluorescent dye helps reveal the secrets of ocean circulation
2024-07-22 The Conversation Bugs thrive in urban Los Angeles - volunteers' traps reveal biodiversity hot spots for city insects and spiders
2024-07-22 Yahoo Scientists sound alarm after observing worrisome behavior shift in world's most isolated whale species: 'No area of the world's oceans is untouched'
2024-07-22 Science Business Remco Veltkamp appointed scientific director of Utrecht AI Labs
2024-07-22 Science Business Stockholm University: MISU satellite project receives funding from the Swedish National Space Agency
2024-07-22 Science Business UT Arlington research contributes $226M to US economy
2024-07-22 Science Business University of Tartu will be home to the Estonian Cancer Centre
2024-07-22 The London Free Press Heavy rains flooding Harris Park? Amid climate change, get used to it
2024-07-22 Tech Explorist Dogs react to human stress by making more pessimistic choices
2024-07-22 Mirror Russia suffering 'epidemic of erectile dysfunction' amid 'crazy' Putin's war on Ukraine
2024-07-22 Captain Planet Foundation Captain Planet Foundation Attends Plastic Earth Screening
2024-07-22 Earth and Space Science News Carbon Cycles Through Plants More Quickly Than Expected
2024-07-22 Earth and Space Science News Microbes Likely Form Magnetite in the South China Sea
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